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How to Treat Childhood Obesity

Being fat can be one of the worst things that can happen to any person. Believe me I’ve been through that phase, and life does become a living hell. You are the center of attention everywhere you go, and not in a good way. People laugh at you and look at you with sorry eyes. You are a joke for the entire school and one of the most infamous guys/girls in the entire block just because of your weight. No one likes you because of your appearance, and no matter how talented or good you are, if you can’t look good people actually despise you. The problem of childhood obesity is one of the leading causes of depression in young kids and parents don’t know what to do about it. They cannot put them on medications or drugs, as they are too young and it is unhealthy, they feel confused all the time and feel very hurt for their own offspring. If you are one of those parents whose young one is dogged by excess body weight, this article on how to treat childhood obesity is going to be very helpful.

You won’t believe, but modern technology is one of the main causes of childhood obesity. Yes, it is given us a life which we always wanted, and made this world a better place to live in, but it has also given mankind a string of unhealthy diseases and disorders which are out there to destroy the whole generation. With the introduction PC and video games kids have become addictive to TV and computers, and they sit in front of the idiot box for hours, sometimes forgetting to even blink. Technology has also made the food that we consume attractive but unhealthy. All these processed foods like burgers, fries, chips and fried chicken are loaded with calories and unhealthy oils which contribute to unhealthy weight gain. If you look at childhood obesity statistics, you will be shocked to know that about 60% of kids in the US prefer fast foods, more than a healthy homemade diet. This addiction to all unhealthy foods and drinks is one of the prime causes of childhood obesity.

Treatment of Childhood Obesity

Being obese is an invitation to various other illnesses. An obese child is vulnerable to depression, muscle pain, heart attack, a string of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even mental illnesses like depression, suffering from inferiority complex and an anti social personality. The good news is there are many things that you as a parent, to make sure that your kid loses that unhealthy fat and steps out from the world of obesity.

  • Never demean or de-motivate your child regarding his/her weight. Show your kid how much you love him/her, and you are ready to help him/her lose those extra pounds. Encourage your kid to participate in sports and other outdoor activities. Give them nutritious homemade meals instead of a burger or a pizza.
  • Understand what’s the cause of your kid’s obesity. Is it the overeating, lack of physical activity or genetics. Have a look at your family’s medical history and maybe you will understand what’s wrong. Take your kid to a doctor to check his/her BMI (Body Mass Index) and learn what can you do to improve your child’s condition.
  • Encouragement is very important in these crucial times. Encourage them to play sports, or perform some kind of physical activity where they will lose some calories and bust some sweat.
  • Limit the consumption of fast foods and aerated drinks to once a week. This is one of the best ways to stop extra calories from getting accumulated in the body.
  • Make them spend more time out, rather than playing video games or watching TV. Don’t let them be a couch potato.

I hope this information on treating childhood obesity has helped you understand how to handle such delicate matters. Overweight children are going to suffer from a lot of emotional problems so you have to make sure that you don’t diminish their self-esteem. Never call them names, they must be facing enough of that in school and from friends. Just be there to love them, and guide them to a path of losing weight.