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Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy

Happy little girl at the doctor for a checkup - being examined with a stethoscope

It’s a common misconception that growing kids can eat anything and everything they want, and will still stay healthy because they’re naturally active. Genetic factors are a consideration, but many children are imitating bad habits they see in their parents. This includes a poor diet, with a reliance on fast foods or processed foods, and not exercising. Until a few years back, parents found it hard to believe that children need a diet and fitness plan. They thought it was something only the grown-ups needed―grown-ups that weren’t in shape. After all the awareness child obesity statistics created, parents have now understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle for their kids.

The average child today spends around 24 hours a week watching television. The increased popularity of computer and video games means kids may spend even less time engaging in physical activities. Just like overweight adults, overweight children are at a greater risk of illness and disease.

What You Can Do

☛ Don’t criticize or blame your

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How to Test for Diabetes

check-diabetes-homeAs mentioned above, diabetes is a common disorder of the endocrine system, which affects the pancreas. It is reputed to affect over 20 million people in the United States alone. Also known as diabetes mellitus, this disorder is associated with the pancreas gland. This gland, located behind the stomach, is responsible for secreting the hormone known as insulin in the body. And this very hormone is in charge for moving the glucose (which is obtained from the food we eat) into the cells of the body for production of energy. But diabetes does not allow this process to continue as it is supposed to. The disorder impairs the pancreas gland from, either producing enough insulin or producing the same at all in the body. So when this happens, the level of glucose in the blood stream increases, and continues to rise if the problem remains untreated. The level may rise so much that it may lead to life-threatening situations for the affected person. This disorder that we are speaking of, exists in four different types; type 1 diabetes, type

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How to Tell Your Children That You Have Cancer

young woman and her sick daughter waiting in doctor's room

Support groups for children with parents who have cancer, helps them interact with other children, and express their pent-up frustrations in a more constructive manner.
It is natural to get scared after being diagnosed with cancer. For those who have children, it can become even more overwhelming. Parents who do not discuss their illness with their children, refrain from doing so with the aim of protecting their kids from the shock, fear, and stress of knowing that one of their parents is seriously unwell.
However, keeping this information from them would only stress such parents further, who are trying to cope with their illness, as well as maintain a normal environment at home. Children will soon realize that things are amiss and that something is wrong. They will inevitably pick up clues from the hushed and anxious conversations, and the increased visits to the doctor.

You must give yourself time to cope with the news, if you think that you’re not ready to tell your children yet, or that it is too much

Girl Child Needs More Health

While in most developed countries, there is little, if any discrimination between the girl and the boy child as far as nutrition is concerned, a very large proportion of female child population in developing and economically weaker countries suffers from malnutrition. This is a fact corroborated by statistics, the result of researches of various agencies. But here the factors are completely cultural, in Asian, Latin American and some African cultures, a premium is placed on the baby boy and his upbringing is better monitored than a girl’s. An extreme result is female infanticide or even killing of female fetus in the womb itself. In basically agrarian societies, no one wants to be burdened with an unproductive member in the family. In partially agrarian cultures, no one wants to have a girl whose social status is far below that of the boy and in marrying her off, the family is often crippled by debt. So, infanticide or feticide is a better option. But more on that later.

The point here is, even in societies where there is no such inferiority hoisted on girl children, do parents, family or even the health services, place greater emphasis on the nutrition provided to

Mental Health Therapist

Mental health therapists are trained professionals who counsel individuals, families, and groups to identify and work through the problems that a person is facing. These professionals help their patients deal with stress, substance abuse, addictions, low self-esteem, and grief. Some of them even specialize as marriage counselors and career counselors. These professionals work with other mental health specialists like psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and school counselors to promote emotional and mental health of their patients.

Job Description

These therapists work though observation, interviews, and tests, to gather information and identify the problems of a person. Based on their observation they decide the right type of therapy for the person. These professionals counsel their clients and help them make informed decisions about themselves, their lives, and their relationships. They help their patients to analyze their problems and address various issues. These therapist also carry out mental health evaluation and risk assessment of their patients when required. They also monitor the treatment of their patients by maintaining accurate records and documents.

Mental health therapy is a holistic approach that takes into account a person’s external and societal influences, while also considering his physical and emotional health. To fulfill the requirements of the

Health Tips for Kids

Healthy habits are always instilled in a person during his/her childhood days. The importance of a healthy diet is one of the first things parents should always strive to explain to their children. A healthy habit, when infused in a child from the early years, only helps in the overall child development and turns him/her into a responsible individual. With time and care from your side, children are bound to understand the importance of healthy habits. Here is a basic compilation of tips related to kids’ health, with which kids can learn to look after themselves during their growing years.

Tips to Keep Children Healthy

  • Teach your child the importance of a healthy routine. The day should always begin with a healthy breakfast. Help the child to understand why breakfast times are important for the day. You can make a chart of different breakfast recipes and tell him/her the importance of the many vital nutrients for one’s body.
  • Fruits and green vegetables are important for a healthy diet. Your child should know why fruits score over packaged foods. You need to include fresh fruits during breakfast times or slip one in the lunchbox. Make it interesting by having fresh

How to Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition wherein the blood sugar levels are consistently higher than the normal range. This condition is closely linked to the secretion of insulin, which is a hormone produced by the pancreas. This hormone plays a vital role in controlling the blood sugar levels. While type 1 diabetes occurs due to insufficient amounts of insulin in the body, type 2 diabetes occurs due to insulin resistance within the body.

There are roughly 300 million people around the globe affected by diabetes, which essentially raises the need for precautionary steps in curbing its symptoms and bringing it under control. Here are some commonly known steps:

Exercise Regularly
When a person exercises, the ability of the body to secrete and absorb insulin becomes stronger. The additional energy that is required by the body forces the blood circulation, which in turn causes many other vital bodily functions to improve by leaps and bounds. People who exercise on a regular basis, are at a 30% lower risk of developing diabetes. Even taking a half an hour walk everyday can have the desired effect.

Quit Smoking
People who smoke are 50% more likely to develop diabetes. There are a number of other health

How to Control Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes, it stays for life once it is diagnosed. You might be too robust a person, but the self-discipline and tenaciousness this disease requires, and that too over a lifetime, can tax you to the limit. Howbeit, had it not been these advancements and improvements in the comprehension of the causes, complexities, and cure of diabetes, physicians would have to helplessly stand by their patients overpowered by the intricacies this disease enfolds within. But, there is much more to it. Diabetes, which occurs due to lack of insulin, leads to metabolic abnormalities, thus, increasing the ketone bodies within the blood, mostly in places which lack insulin severely. Now, since your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, it is incapable of turning sugars into the energy required by it. As a result, the sugars that stay in your blood make your kidneys work harder than normal, leading to frequent urination, which is the most common symptom of diabetes.

It is because diabetes can increase the risk of heart diseases and strokes that it’s time you learn how to control the same. Naturally, diabetes can be regulated with the help of an uncomplicated lifestyle. The following natural cures for diabetes have had

How to Cope With the Diagnosis of Diabetes

I have known people around, who have had a difficult time dealing with the diagnosis of diabetes. Some were prepared for it, while some had the biggest shock of their lives. And so, I can say, it is absolutely not so easy to cope and accept a life overshadowed with diabetes. Being diagnosed with this disease comes as a bitter truth with overwhelming emotions. Most people express reactions, like those of anxiety, fear, guilt, and denial. Another common feeling which is of depression is also seen in most cases of people diagnosed with diabetes (which is quite a normal reaction). There is a whole surging pile of instructions, medications, and the fear of the future waiting for them.

However, having said all this, one thing to be understood is that even if diabetes is hyped to be a major disorder, it is not the end of the world. It is certainly not among the life-threatening diseases.

What you should remember is, it does not change the kind of person you are or disturb your life drastically. With proper medication and healthy lifestyle, this can be tamed. You can get control on your life and bounce back with confidence again. Below

Tips on Preventing Hair Loss

If you shy away from brushing your hair, or the sight of a comb gives you the shivers, then you are not the only one. A huge number of people across the globe fret about hair loss. A gentle brushing can give nightmares to such people, who would hate watching precious strands of hair fall all around the place. Hair breakage and inadvertent loss can happen due to a variety of reasons. Your diet habits and your hair care regime has an effect on the texture and look of your tresses. Use the following tips to avoid a number of hair problems, along with breakage.

Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

  • Do not brush or comb your hair when wet. This is, because wet hair is in a delicate stage, and if combed, it would only weaken the strands, and cause them to break.
  • Heard about the golden rule of brushing your hair till the count of 100, before you go to bed at night? This may not always work in your favor. Brushing your hair stimulates the blood flow, but over-brushing your hair can have adverse effects. It can damage your hair, and weaken the roots as well.
  • The kind

How to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss has become a common phenomenon among people all across the world. Though hair loss is a problem that is most commonly seen in men, it is not a thing that is unknown to women. Be it men or women, the sight of lost hair is often quite frustrating. The cause of this condition cannot be attributed to just one factor. Rather, there are several factors that can lead to this condition. Hereditary factors are one of the most common reasons for this condition, and this is often passed from father to son. Another reason for hair loss that has become quite common in the recent years is a stressful life. Apart from this, various diseases like hypo/hyperthyroidism, seborrheic dermatitis, etc., may observe hair loss as the symptom. People taking medications or undergoing treatment for diseases like arthritis, cancer, heart problems, etc. are also said to experience hair loss as a side effect of the treatment or the drugs. In case of women, hair loss is a common occurrence a few months after the birth of the child. Apart from this, hair loss may also be a side effect of birth control pills. Whatever be the reason,

Childhood Obesity Prevention Tips

Ask Yourself

Is your child …
.. sitting in front of TV or computer for long hours eating junk food?
.. lazy to such an extent that he/she doesn’t even want to move across the house?
.. hungry all the time and eats too much of unhealthy food?
.. averse to participating in physical exercise activities?
.. having a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 30 at a very young age?
If the answers to these questions are positive then your child might be on the brink of childhood obesity!


One of the many causes for childhood obesity is energy imbalance where kids are not able to consume the energy they get from the food as they spend less energy in physical activity. The habit of overconsuming junk food is unhealthy as it is another large source of fat which accumulates in body. Along with all other reasons causing obesity in children, hereditary genetic factors play an important role. Children with obese parents are at a higher risk.


Children with obesity problem are prone to many other diseases. There was a time when type 2 diabetes was found only in adults, whereas now it is common in obese children. Overweight

Obesity Treatment

Obesity has become a major health issue affecting people worldwide. Foreseeing the harmful effects, renowned physician Dr. Richard Carmona, has stated, ‘Overweight and obesity is the second leading cause of death, killing 300,000 people a year, …There is not a miracle pill that will lead to weight loss’. Statistics show that, near about one-third of US adults suffer from obesity. Due to this rising problem, treatment options are being expanded by medical professionals.

The most efficient way to find out whether you are obese or not, is by calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). The calculation is very simple and you can do it by dividing body weight in kilograms by square of height measured in meters. The standard set by WHO, defines a BMI of 30 as an indicator of obesity.

Obesity Treatment Guidelines

The most common causes of obesity are improper lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Sedentary lifestyle and living on fast foods are the most common causes of obesity in America. Obesity can also be genetic and childhood obesity in also increasing at an alarming rate.

  • Calculation of BMI.
  • Deciding why the treatment is needed.
  • Assessing presence of any heart diseases.
  • Sustained weight loss goals.
  • Options of treatments – pharmacotherapy, surgery or lifestyle

How to Treat Childhood Obesity

Being fat can be one of the worst things that can happen to any person. Believe me I’ve been through that phase, and life does become a living hell. You are the center of attention everywhere you go, and not in a good way. People laugh at you and look at you with sorry eyes. You are a joke for the entire school and one of the most infamous guys/girls in the entire block just because of your weight. No one likes you because of your appearance, and no matter how talented or good you are, if you can’t look good people actually despise you. The problem of childhood obesity is one of the leading causes of depression in young kids and parents don’t know what to do about it. They cannot put them on medications or drugs, as they are too young and it is unhealthy, they feel confused all the time and feel very hurt for their own offspring. If you are one of those parents whose young one is dogged by excess body weight, this article on how to treat childhood obesity is going to be very helpful.

You won’t believe, but modern technology is one

How do People Cope with Cancer

When people are diagnosed with cancer, they lose their peace of mind. They are sad, shocked, frustrated, and angry about the diagnosis. They do not talk properly and blame everything on God. Is this the way to deal with cancer? Absolutely not! Being diagnosed with cancer does not mean the end of the road. With advancement in medical field, there always exists a possibility of a cancer cure. So why should you shed those valuable tears unnecessarily? Here are some tips to cope with cancer.

Change your Attitude
Your goal should be to move forward and maintain a positive approach towards life. Do not allow negative thoughts to occupy your mind. Read inspirational books like The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Such books help to cultivate positive belief in oneself. Patients must believe that they too can become cancer free. There is no need to remain quiet, instead enjoy every moment of life and talk freely with your family and friends on topics that you like.

Read Inspirational Stories
Another way that has been effective for dealing with cancer is to read interviews and stories of people who have successfully dealt with cancer. This will definitely

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is administered to treat various types of cancers. Cancer is a life-threatening disease caused by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Cancer cells or malignant cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymphatic system. There are various types of cancers, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer, etc. Major categories of cancer are carcinoma, sarcoma, leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma as well as cancers of the central nervous system. If cancer is diagnosed in its early stage, the chances of healing are more.

How Does Chemotherapy Work?

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment method for different types of cancers. It involves the use of chemicals to prevent the growth of cancer cells. The drugs used in this therapy are known as ‘anticancer drugs’, and they destroy the malignant cells. These drugs are classified into various groups such as alkylating agents, antimetabolites, anti-tumor antibiotics, topoisomerase inhibitors, mitotic inhibitors, corticosteroids, and related medications. Chemotherapy can be administered intravenously, given orally in the form of a pill, or injected into the body cavity. Generally, this treatment is given in cycles. Each cycle is administered every 1 to 4 weeks, and

How to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the fatal diseases which kills many people every year, it accounts for more than 20% of all deaths every year in the United States. There are different types of cancer, like lung cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, etc which may affect a person. An uncontrolled growth of cells which destroy tissues, and at times spread to other regions of the body is known as cancer. The human body produces cells that divide and grow, but it is a controlled action. When cells are produced at such an alarming rate, they stack up causing tumor formation. These tumors are termed as cancerous when they infect the neighboring tissue.

Avoid Smoking
Lung cancer accounts for almost 30% of all the cancer-related deaths, and smoking is one of the main reasons behind lung cancer. Smoking also weakens the immune system and this may allow other types of cancers to thrive. Carcinogens in tobacco affect the cell division, and this is one of the main reasons for cancerous growth of cells. A person should avoid smoking, and if he/she is a smoker then he/she should quit smoking as a preventive measure. Apart from this second hand smoking

How to Treat Asthma with Aromatherapy

Essential oils extracted from plants are primarily used in aromatherapy to treat a wide range of ailments, including asthma. Aromatherapy involves inhaling or massaging the essential oils to reap their therapeutic benefits. Use of essential oils for asthma has been backed by positive testimonials, which has led to their widespread acceptance in treating these respiratory problems. Essential oils assist in opening up the constricted airways in asthma, thereby, helping to breathe easier.

Aromatherapy for Asthma

Aromatherapy Chest Rub
Using aromatherapy chest rub can be effective in relieving symptoms of asthma. The essential oils in them display anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic activity that can help decrease episodes of asthma attack. Applying the chest rub during an asthma attack may actually help stop the respiratory distress within minutes. However, in most cases, rubs containing essential oils are used to prevent an asthma attack.

Chest rubs made from lavender and chamomile essential oils are effective to treat asthma. To make it, add 2 drops of chamomile oil to 8 drops of lavender oil. Now combine this mixture with 20 drops of carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. Apply this blend two times in a day to keep asthma attacks at

How to Support Someone Diagnosed With Cancer

A person diagnosed with cancer will go through a plethora of emotions. A horde of negative feelings, including anxiety, depression, and fear are experienced. As a well-wisher, you are unable to understand the emotional and physical turmoil of the person with cancer. You are at a loss of words and scared that you may offend or hurt the sentiments of the person or his family members. However, being concerned, you want to reach out and show that you care.

For a cancer patient, support from loved ones, friends, or even acquaintances is very important. Here are a few tips that will help you support someone with this dreadful disease.
Note.― It should be noted that the usage of male pronouns is only for convenience of reading.

Prepare Yourself First
Extending your support is important; however, you yourself have to be strong to begin with. The first thing is to compose your thoughts and feelings. You need to prepare yourself by facing your own fears and dealing with your own emotional upheaval. Once you have accepted and faced your fears, only then you will be able to lend a helping hand to someone with cancer.

Every person’s

Tips to Stop Smoking Naturally

People smoke to achieve psychological comfort. Almost half a million Americans die of smoking each year, as it drastically increases the risk of heart diseases, strokes, high blood pressure, dementia, lung diseases, cancer, and other health disorders. The following are the ill-effects of smoking:

  • It is one of the primary causes of impotence and infertility.
  • Smokers, especially women, are at higher risk of osteoporosis and incontinence.
  • People who smoke look older than their non-smoking counterparts, as their skin tends to get wrinkled faster.
  • Smokers are vulnerable to periodontal and oral diseases.

Following are some of the ill-effects faced by passive smokers.

  • Women who smoke during pregnancy increase the risk of their unborn baby for various mental disorders such as chronic depression, conduct disorder, substance abuse, low intellectual level, and attention-deficit disorders, etc.
  • Smoking, both passive and active, has been found to be responsible for birth defects, miscarriage, still birth, and sudden infant death syndrome, etc.
  • More than four million children and adults fall sick due to inhalation of cigarette smoke.


Make up your mind: There are various drugs and medications available to assist people who wish to quit this habit; however, they are of no use if not backed